domingo, 17 de enero de 2010


Today I bought a beautiful bracelet, I guess it will be my favourite one! Why do I love colors? because they are a tribute for life. Everyone has heard that each color represents a feeling. All in the nature has its color and texture. We are in colors: the eyes, the hair, lips, our veins, our heart, blood, urine (excuse me but it's true) etc. I love rainbows because of that, and because they are a symbol: of communication, because they are a bridge; of hope, because they are born in the rain; of integrity, because they are of light and water; of can't touch them but you're sure that rainbows exist, you see them, you feel what they inspire you. By the favourite color is green =). I could write a paragraph about that, but it will be in other day.
Later, when I was comming home, I saw a beautiful moon in the sky. Quarter moon? I tried to take a pic of this, but it was a pic without flash, then it is blow. Anyway, I loved it because I think it has a great effect of lights and shadows and the leaves of the tree look so softly with those yellow tones. I think I'm painting it with oil.
PS: I was thinking of this contrast of the light colors of my bracelet and the darkness of the tree picture and I just thought....wouldn't it be cool to see a rainbow in the night?
Does no one make a comment on my blog?

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  1. well, i want make comment abt you bracelet.. i think it's nice, full of color :D,

    abt rainbow in the night? who knows it will be happen.. lol..